"Go Wash Your Hands."

Washing your hands, these days, may not be all it is cracked up to be.  In fact, it could be dangerous, or at the least bad for your health, if you choose to use one of the multitude of antibacterial products on the market.  As recently as seven years ago there were only a few dozen antibacterial products on the market being promoted for home usage.  Currently, according to the CDC, there are over 700 products on the market.  And that raises some alarming concerns.

Did you know, that you can now buy everything from soap, toothpaste, and cleanser to mattresses, pillow cases, sheets and even chop sticks that contain Tricolsan, the most common antibacterial agent.  Bacteria are not about to give up easily though and have begun to mutate, creating drug resistant strains.  Just like the overuse of antibiotics, this movement to eradicate bacteria has accomplished just the opposite end result.  So not only are the new bacteria not susceptible to the antibacterial products but according to the CDC are also being found to be antibiotic resistant.  The other major problem with these antibacterial products, particularly the soaps used in commercial settings is that it is being linked to psychiatric illness and increased crime according to the Environmental Illness Resource Center.  Dr. William Shaw, Phd., director of the Great Plains Laboratory, writes in his most recent article, published in the Journal Of Orthomolecular Medicine, that his research shows parachlorometaxylenol (PCMX) is linked to depression, central nervous system dysfunction, and neurotoxicity as well as learning disabilities and higher incidents of committing crime in individuals.    The chemical PCMX and Tricolsan are chemically related.  His concern is that they are close enough chemically to cause the same reactions in the body.  He believes it would take larger amounts of the Tricolsan to achieve the same results as smaller amounts of the PCMX.  However, as mentioned above the CDC is definitely concerned due to the overuse of these Tricolsan containing products on the market.  Shaw says, "The human brain is especially susceptible to a variety of toxic chemicals because of natural selection that favors brain structures promoting advanced brain function such as rapid learning and long term memory.  Because of this susceptibility, humans may experience neuropsychiatric disorders and engage in criminal behaviors when exposed to this variety of toxic chemical." So prior to doing you and your family a favor and purchasing that antibacterial pillow, toothpaste, or slippers, think again.....go organic, build immune systems, get some exercise, get plenty of rest and take natural precautions.  These steps are safe and proven.

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