New Years Re-Solutions

It is that time of year again... the time when we take a moment to reflect on 2010 and what we want to change for 2011.  The number one New Year's resolution is to loose weight.  Gym memberships go up significantly in January only to dwindle by March 1.  Exercise equipment sales are highest in December and January only to see that same equipment become coat hangers and dust collectors by March.  Why is this?  We can help.

As you prepare to set your New Year Resolutions may we suggest you try New Year Re-Solutions.  You already know the answers, the suggestions, the programs, the dos and don'ts.  So let us help you re-visit those solutions and make resolutions into solutions

The most common reasons weight loss doesn't work is that diets don't work, workouts can be painful and we have no more time in our schedule in 2011 than we did in 2010. 

Let's address each issue individually.

Diets don't work. Eating properly for your body type isn't about dieting.  It is about lifestyle choices.  Learning what types of food best feed your metabolism and that you digest the best makes a significant difference in what your body does with the food you eat.  Quality and quantity does matter.  Learning how many calories and what kind of calories to eat will help your metabolic rate burn those calories and in turn burn fat.

However, the other important element of weight loss is toxicity.  We are all bombarded daily with toxins from our food, the environment, stress and the water we drink.  When the toxin load becomes greater than the liver and/or kidneys can handle the toxins remain in the body.  They are a foreign substance to the body and out of the need to survive the body encapsulates the toxin in fat cells.  Therefore, the more toxins in the body, the more fat cells that are necessary.  Again, the bodies number one desire is for survival.  Therefore, if your body is not healthy enough to eliminate the toxins, the body will hold onto the fat cells even if you are eating less calories than you are burning.  So cleansing is an important step in weight loss.  Cleanse the body of the toxins will aid the body so it does not need the excessive fat cells. 

Workouts are painful.  When you have not been working out for a while, and you start trying to exercise it may be painful.  It is important to note there is a difference between muscle soreness and pain.  Muscle soreness is normal and will last a few weeks.  Pain is not normal and needs to be addressed immediately.  Proper structural alignment is critical for staying pain free and avoiding injuries.  This may require a chiropractic evaluation and therapy and/or tight muscles that are being used inappropriately can also cause pain and eventual injury.  Therefore, myofascial therapy is needed to unwind and release the muscles allowing the body to move in optimum flow. 

Excessive fatique is not normal with exercise either.  Especially for people who are in a chronic disease state the intensity of the exercise must be monitored closely.  Afterall, we are trying to build energy in the body, not deplete it.  Where walking a 1/2 mile resting and walking anothe r1/2 mile may be all that can be tolerated by one individual for the first week or two, another person may need to walk three miles without resting to get the same heart rate results.  Exercising programs are very individual as is each body. 

Time management.  There isn't anyway anyone can give you more time in your day.  However, learning to manage your time wisely can help.  First keep track of how you spend each 15 minute increment in your dayfor several days.  Don't cheat. Everything goes on the chart from eating, sleeping, commuting, working, texting, television, computer, games, friends, etc.   Is there time being wasted or that can be traded?  Can 30 minutes of television time be traded for 30 minutes on the treadmill?  If not, then can the television watching happen while you are on the treadmill?  Can 30 minutes of surfing the net or texting be traded for interval training?  Can you walk to do errands instead of driving? 

The point is when exercise is done correctly, with variances in intensity, 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week can improve your sleep, your health, and your mental capacity therefore increasing productivity and self satisfaction in all areas of your life.  It is worth the trade.

So don't make new resolutions.....just revisit the solutions you already know.  While revisiting these solutions, why don't you let us help?  Having a support group always makes it easier.  We are putting together a running group here so whether you are a starter or advanced we can help you.  Our weight loss program with Jacques addresses the dietary issues and workout issues.  Dr. Verma and Annette can keep you comfortable while making the transition to your new goals.  So what do you say.....give us a call today.

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