I Take Master Card

Back in a February blog entry I elaborated on one of the essentials of life, HUGS.  Since that blog entry I have tried to make sure that I get my 5 hugs a day.  I have also encouraged my clients to start with the hug I give them and get 4 additional hugs that day.  It really does make a difference.  In fact I wanted to share a personal experience I had last week. 

After an exceptionally great day, I was feeling happy, I had received my 5 hugs + that day.  I was standing by the reception desk and a mother and her young daughter walked into the office.  I had never seen either the mother or the young girl, who appeared to be about 5 years old.  However, when the girl saw me she smiled a broad welcoming grin, walked straight to me and reached her arms up towards me as if she wanted me to pick her up.  So I lifted her up.  She threw her arms around my neck, laid her head on my shoulder and snuggled right into me.  I gently rubbed her back and hugged her back.  It was an extremely endearing moment that felt like a warm blanket being wrapped around my shoulders and held tight against me.   At that very moment I felt all was right with the world and nothing could ever go wrong again.

We can learn so much from children.  They are open and innocent, trusting their natural insticts of who is safe and trustworthy.  When they feel that safety they give with an open pure heart.  It is only after life beats them down too many times that they start to close down their heart and give only with hesitation and limitation.  If we can go back in life and recogonize when we started judging and restricting ourselves we might be able to figure out how to reverse the guarding and critical processing that most adults go through life with and return to a more child like state of love and acceptance. 

I recently read a poem that made me smile.  As I read it I couldn't help but wonder how many adults find themselves shying away from hugs, relationships and even love, because of feelings of inadaquecy, judgement, guilt or fear.  Yet hugs, relationships and love are a critcal part of health and wellness. In my blog "Essentials of Life" you can read the studies that show the role pleasant physical touch plays in our overall well being.  So if you've been feeling your energy is low, catching every little bug that is going around or just out of sorts perhaps you're prescription needs to be "letting go and letting in". 

I Take Master Card

(Charge Your Love To Me)

by Nikki Giovanni

I've heard all the stories

'bout how you don't deserve me

'cause I'm so strong and beautiful and wonderful

and you could never live up to what you know I have

but I just want to let you know

I take Master Card.

You can love me as much as your heart can stand

then put the rest on

account and pay the interest each month

until we get this settled.

You see modern people do comprehend

that you deserve a whole lot more than what is normally offered

but you are trying to get aligned with the modern world.

So baby you can love me all you like

'cause you're pre-approved and you don't have to sign on the bottom line.

Charge it up 'til you just can't take no more

it's the modern way.

I take Master Card


We may never be able to pay off the debt we owe the universe, our God or other people.  But in matters of the heart, it is quite acceptable to be in debt, it is the modern way.  I think the way it works, (I'm still trying to figure it out myself), is that as long as you pay it forward, when ever you can, even if it is just a smile, the balance sheet will work out in all party's favor. 

So today, make your health and well being a priority, turn off the TV and cell phone for just a minute, unplug the video game and the ipod, open your heart, risk a little and smile at someone, open your arms and embrace someone (5 times), and feel the release of endorphins in your brain.  It feels soooooo good.

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