Heathly Eating All Summer Long

I love summertime.  One of my favorite parts of summer is the farmer's markets and local farms that I can go to and pick my own fruits and vegetables.  Not only is it good for my spirit, but just as important, it is healthy for my body. {C}

Back in December, I wrote a blog entry on eating local.  Even though I don't like to repeat myself, I feel this is a great time to remind you of how easy the internet has made it to find your local farmers. is an infromative and user friendly site that not only lists the farms and farmer's markets in your geographical area, but also lists resturants and meat processors that use local or organic processes. The USDA now offers a page on their website with the ability of entering a zip code and finding local farmers markets.  It also has suggestions on how to start a market in your area if there isn't one already. This website is packed with information to  inform the reader where they can buy local, but also, the numerous benefits of buying local. Enjoy your summer a little bit more by getting out and supporting your local farmers while doing something healthy for yourself.

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