Kick Off Fall with a Colon Cleanse

by Denise Kelley-Corner, RN Fall is an ideal time to consider cleansing and detoxifying our bodies to help bolster and fortify our immune systems for cold and flu season. Some methods to achieve this  are through saunas, skin brushing, epsom salts baths, juicing,herbs, liver flushes, enemas and colonic irrigation. A Nobel prize winning Russian scientist stated that "death begins in the colon."  Since 60-70% of our immune system resides in the intestinal tract, my preference is to begin with a colon cleanse. There are a number of herbal combination cleanses available to initiate this process and when accompanied with colon hydrotherapy, we can purge much toxic, stagnant material from our bodies. This typically results in rejuvenation of energy and sense of well being and we often find relief from digestive disorders, allergies, headaches, sinus ailments and many other symptoms. Many experience weight loss. After a cleansing program, restoration and optimization of our friendly flora is recommended, through fermented foods, (saurekraut, kefir, yogurt, miso) and probiotic supplements. Oh, and be sure your Vitamin D levels are in therapeutic range to keep your immune system strong and help keep the blues at bay.  If you are not getting 20 minutes of sun daily and not supplementing, you are probably deficient!

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