Tooth Pain

Some say it's the worst pain they've ever experienced. It is important to understand why we get tooth pain.


Tooth pain, or "toothaches" can be divided into several categories:

  • Referred Pain
    This is pain felt in the tooth area that is referred, for example, from the TMJ, muscles in the face or jaw, or the sinuses. If this is the cause of the "toothache," that structure, which is referring the pain needs to be treated.
  • Gum Pain
    Sometimes, so-called tooth pain is actually gum pain. This can result from a dental gum trauma or severe infection. If so, the gums need to be treated follow periodontal protocols.
  • Actual Tooth Pain
    If the pain is indeed from the tooth, the dentist must determine if the pain is from inflammation in the pulp chamber resulting in pinching of the nerve, or if the tooth is dead, and/or abscessed (infection in the area around the dead tooth).

Dead teeth cannot be reversed and must be treated with either a root canal to save the tooth or extracted and replaced. Root canals have inherent problems with residual infection in the walls but lost teeth should usually be replaced.

Teeth that are inflamed should first have the cause of the inflammation removed (decay, trauma, etc) and then treated with healing remedies (therapeutic injections) and healing lasers to reverse inflammation when inflammation is reduced tooth pain is stopped and the tooth will become a healthy functioning tooth. Qualities of tooth pain include duration (short or long periods), pain spontaneously or upon stimulus (e.g. with chewing), pain with palpitation or percussion. These will help determine the cause of the pain and thus to guide treatment.

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Arrange for an evaluation of your pain whenever it is perceived to be coming from a tooth. If it is truly originating from a tooth, be aware that most toothaches can be reversed without having to condemn the tooth to a root canal. The Biologic Dentists at Natural Horizons are trained to determine where pain from the oral cavity is originating from and will thoroughly examine all potential reasons for the pain vs. assuming automatically that it's the tooth. To set up an appointment, or to find out more about tooth pain, be it real or perceived, contact Natural Horizons Wellness Centers.

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