The Energy Within: Energy Healing Explained

by Lizette Ayala, Energy Healing Professional In a time when Energy is synonymous with caffeine and red bull, there is a more intriguing and healing definition that has emerged.  We call it Energy Health Coaching, but you might hear it called Energy Healing, Energy Psychology, Subtle Energy, Energywork, etc.  This popular healing technique integrates modern and ancient healing traditions to bring you great relief from emotional and physical dis-ease.   In other words, it's designed to help you work from the inside out, to understand to your triggers and help you remove all things that no longer serve you. Stored in your cellular library are beliefs and trauma that may be affecting your health and well-being. Using these methods, clients have:

  • Rapidly reduced stress
  • Removed the effects of trauma without reliving them
  • Rediscovered the enthusiasm and joy they once had
  • Found harmony in their relationships
  • Healed their dis-ease faster than they ever thought possible

When we create healthy boundaries, understand and meet our needs, and allow our past to guide us in wisdom and not control us, we can then experience life with ease.   For this tall order, there is Energy Health Coaching, the language of the body. Read more about Lizette Ayala Schedule a FREE phone consultation by filling in the Contact Form and Specifying Energy Health Coaching Consultation.

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