6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Alternative Cancer Treatments

If you're considering alternative cancer treatments, you probably have a lot of questions. Asking questions is a healthy activity. It's also an important step in choosing the right cancer treatment for you. As one of the East Coast's premiere alternative cancer treatment centers, Natural Horizons fields a lot of questions about alternative cancer treatments. We offer a free consultation, which is a good time to ask questions about treatment -- and about us as providers. Here are 6 questions you should ask when considering alternative cancer therapy:

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What does this cancer treatment claim to do?

It's important to understand what the goal of each treatment is. Some alternative cancer treatments may be more effective than traditional treatments. Other cancer treatment alternatives offer more manageable side effects. We always encourage our patients to ask questions about the treatment options we discuss.

What are the credentials of your cancer treatment team?

No matter which treatments you employ,  learn about the training of your healthcare team. At Natural Horizons, we have a diverse team of wellness practitioners. Get to know your doctors and caregivers. Ask about their experience.

What scientific studies or clinical trials on this cancer treatment have been conducted?

The scientific community is constantly researching alternative and natural cancer treatments. The quest for cancer cures and better cancer treatments has produced avenues of hope, as well as dead ends. The spectrum of alternative cancer therapies ranges from experimental cancer treatments to thoroughly studied treatment options. Our cancer care team can help you understand what trials and research has been done.

How much does alternative cancer treatment cost?

One of the most frequent questions we hear is whether insurance covers the cost of alternative cancer treatments. Insurance coverage will vary from provider to provider, and the costs of cancer treatment will vary, too. It can be difficult to focus on financial questions when weighing cancer treatment options, but asking these questions will help you make informed decisions.

Is this cancer treatment safe?

Ask about potential risks and side effects, as well as how each treatment might interact with your other cancer treatments.

Do I need to discontinue other cancer treatments?

Unfortunately, multiple cancer treatment choices can sometimes work against each other. It's important that you understand how each treatment choice you make will affect your previous choices. Ask your caregiver about discontinuing conventional cancer treatments while undergoing alternative treatments.

At Natural Horizons, we're focused on total health and wellness. While we're strong advocates of a holistic cancer treatment strategy, we're even more focused on empowering patients to make the choices that are right for them. That's why we encourage all of our prospective patients to ask lots of questions and weigh their options carefully.

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