5 Google+ Cancer Communities Worth Knowing About

Google Plus Cancer CommunitiesGoogle+ (aka, Google Plus) is a great place to connect with cancer patients, survivors, and supporters. Many Google+ cancer communities are thriving hubs of human connectedness. You'll also find engaging conversations, blog posts, and articles to read. Here are five Google+ cancer communities worth checking out: Breast Cancer Yoga Members of the Breast Cancer Yoga community focus on "how to heal." Community members share their knowledge about breast cancer recovery and lymphedema management. The group is open to the public and is moderated by Google+ member Dawn Bradrord. Breast Cancer Bloggers If you're a blogger or enjoy reading blogs, this community is for you. You'll find other bloggers writing about breast cancer, sharing blogging tips and opening up about their experiences with breast cancer. Members are invited to share their cancer blog posts. The community is moderated by Breast Cancer Care, a British charity. Fighting Cancer Like other Google Plus cancer communities, Fighting Cancer is a place to share your thoughts on life, death, and the fight with cancer. Moderators do a good job keeping the community free of commercial messaging and religious dogma. The focus is on supporting one another. The Fighting Cancer Google+ community is moderated by member Mark Toohey. Cancer Survivorship As the group profile so aptly says, "You become a cancer survivor from the day you're first diagnosed." This Google+ group allows cancer survivors to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of the cancer journey. It's moderated by Suzan St. Maur. Young Adult Cancer For those diagnosed with cancer at a young age, the Young Adult Cancer group on Google+ is a place to connect, vent, and fight back. Young adults diagnosed with cancer face unique challenges, and this community gives members a chance to rant, scream, cry, triumph and uplift. It's moderated by Google+ user Tara Sieg.

 Editor's Note: To find a cancer support group in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or Maryland, check out our cancer support groups page.

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