Choosing a Dental Plan Under Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., Obamacare) has raised many questions for individuals seeking health insurance. Even among those that understand what it means for their medical insurance, some may wonder what their dental insurance options are under the Affordable Care Act. Although each state's program is somewhat different, all 50 states allow for citizens to purchase dental coverage in conjunction with their health insurance plan. The best aspect of this part of the program is that coverage for children under age 19 is provided at no cost to the insured family.

Questions to Consider When Signing Up for Dental Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act

There are many questions to consider when you're deciding which dental plan to choose. Below are a few points to ponder: 1. What's covered? Although most dental plans cover twice-annual checkups and teeth cleaning, the rest of the coverage can vary significantly. For instance, some plans offer a discount on cosmetic procedures, like orthodontics; others do not. 2. Cost vs. benefits. Unfortunately, not all of the dental plans make sense financially. For instance, Ohio's basic dental plan is $15 per month and covers two wellness exams and cleanings per year. However, in many regions of the "Buckeye State," you'll pay around half of that if you pay for the services out of pocket. It's smart to do a little research before you blindly sign up for a plan. 3. Nearby dentists. Does the plan you're considering have any dentists who practice near to your home or office? Even the best plan doesn't make any sense if you have to drive an hour to see the dentist. The deadline for opting into the Affordable Care Act program for 2014 and the dental care plans is next Monday, March 31. If you miss this deadline, you won't be able to sign up for any of the plans again until late in the year. Natural Horizons Wellness Centers offer a full menu of dental health services at our Fairfax dentistry office. Call us today at (877) 292-1571 to schedule a dental appointment.

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