Should You Refill Porcelain Fillings That Have Worn Down?

Each year in the United States, more than 100 million dental fillings are fitted in dental patients’ mouths. This form of restorative dentistry can be designed to match the exact color and shape of your teeth. Mercury-free fillings offer a host of benefits for the wearer, such as increased confidence, dental treatment and enhanced comfort. Despite the advantages, fillings can wear down over time as a result of eating, drinking, nail biting, and general wear and tear. Chips, cracks and gaps are a few signs that your porcelain fillings have worn down. The question on your mind right now may be, "Should I get them refilled?" Let us help you answer this question, and more, by taking a look at the options and risks.

Why Should I Get a Damaged Filling Refilled?

Even if you brush daily, bacteria can set up permanent residence inside your mouth. Every time you eat, the bacteria create plaque, which can cause cavities and tooth decay. Replacing these holes with fillings can keep bacteria from infecting the teeth and gums, thus ruling out the possibility of future dental problems. Even if you have permanent fillings in your mouth, they may not last forever. The pressure your teeth face on a daily basis can take its toll on porcelain fillings, resulting in the teeth being exposed to food particles and bacteria. Replacements will prevent extensive tooth decay from setting in.

Are There Perils Associated with Not Replacing Fillings?

Fillings usually fall away from the tooth when decay sets in. A decayed tooth is not as strong as a healthy tooth; therefore, the filling does not have enough edges on which to cling. There are a few risks to take into account if you lose a filling, such as discomfort, pain and additional decay. It is even possible that the tooth may fall out completely unless you get professional dentistry services.

When in Doubt, Check It Out

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