Treatments & Wellness

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers offers a variety of treatments and services for a wide range of health conditions. The entire wellness team at Natural Horizons is committed to your vibrant health! Please click on the links below to learn more about specific integrative, natural and alternative service and treatment options.

Prevention & Wellness

Many of today’s modern diseases are not only preventable through proper diet, exercise and detoxification, but they are reversible when an issue arises. The prevention and natural wellness services at Natural Horizons are designed to help you prevent an ailment before it starts, and also support the healing process when your body needs to heal and recover. Whether you want to boost your immune system with a vitamin IV, cleanse with colon hydrotherapy or the far-infrared sauna, shed some unwanted pounds or rejuvenate with a therapeutic massage, there are many complementary and alternative medicine services available at Natural Horizons to assist you.

How Does It Work?

Natural Horizons performs a combination of tests and assessments to obtain the correct diagnosis. Our diagnostic tools help us to determine physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances, all of which are contributing factors to making a sound and accurate diagnosis.

Using these results, our multidisciplinary team reviews your comprehensive profile and makes appropriate recommendations for holistic treatment based on experience within their respective disciplines. Those recommendations form the basis of your individualized wellness program, which includes treatment as well as advice to help you make the lifestyle and dietary changes that may prevent illness in the future. Natural Horizons offers ongoing support and advice through education, lectures, seminars, supportive group sessions, individualized counseling, customized wellness programs and periodic wellness assessments.

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