Jennifer B. - Dental Patient

Hi, my name’s Jennifer, and I’ve come to Natural Horizons for dental work over the last several years. And the staff and the service here has been wonderful, everyone is very friendly and professional and they’ve solved a lot of dental challenges that I’ve had over the years.

The initial reason that I came to Natural Horizons was to get all the amalgams removed. I have a lot of fillings and crowns and things that I’ve had done over the years that utilize the amalgam and I wanted to get that take out. And then I started coming just for regular dentistry. I bring my husband here and my son because I didn’t want my son to start out with amalgam fillings.

And the staff and everyone has just been wonderful and they are very professional. And I feel very confident that the treatments that Dr. Johnson has recommended are beneficial to me in my long-term dental health.

One of the benefits that I’ve enjoyed coming here for dental work is, I don’t have any more jaw pain first thing in the morning. My jaws would be very tight and painful and Dr. Johnson recommended a night guard, both to help prevent future gum recession and also to help me sleep better at night and not have the pain. And so I’ve been using that for several months now and it’s been a major improvement in waking up in the morning without a lot of jaw pain. And actually, I think I sleep better too.

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