Elaine G. - Dental Patient

Well, it was actually a big surprise. I am the chicken of all chickens when it comes to dentistry. But what I did learn, and what I learned here, is that mercury is so toxic and Dr. Bob Johnson did a - some testing on me, we found out that I had a lot of mercury in my mouth and in the meantime because I had been a chicken, I cracked a couple of teeth and so I said, okay, I'm going to bite the bullet.

So I came in and I did a session for about two-and-a-half hours and I had mercury taken out and I had crowns done, but the thing was I was so protected the whole time. I was shielded from any of the mercury that was being, maybe, you know, off gassing or there was equipment in the room that I was in that would take care of that. And I - one of the things that happened to me was I started getting neck pain because you know, two-and-a-half hours is a long time to have your mouth open even for me. So when I was done, I had some spasms in my neck and I was sore, but because I was at Natural Horizons, everything was here. So by the time I left the things beyond my dental care were taken care of. So rather than going home from maybe a traditional place where there was a dentist only, I had treatment on my neck so there were no spasms. So I went out feeling great rather than feeling achy and hurting and it's just amazing. When you have everything here, you just know - for me I know that when I walk in these doors, I'm safe. And I was surprised, I mean I know how good they are here, but I was surprised that in an arena that I had not experienced before that the dental area of Natural Horizons was so protected as well. I wasn't surprised that they did it, but I hadn't expected it. And I just really recommend not only the medical side that I came through, but the dental care is amazing. The staff, the support, everybody cares so much. And that really goes to an amazing experience here at Natural Horizons Wellness Center.

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