Jennifer B. - Acupuncture Patient

In addition to the dental work I’ve had here, about six months ago I started coming to see the acupuncturist. I was having horrible hot flashes and they were happening every two hours, like clockwork during the night, so I was not sleeping, I was completely stressed and miserable. And I had gone to my regular OB and she recommended synthetic hormones and a sleep aid and I didn’t really want to go that route, so I thought about acupuncture for a long time, but never considered it until now. So I first started coming and within a few days of the first treatment, I noticed a change that the hot flashes weren’t as often and then over the course of time, they’ve gone away pretty much completely. I don’t even remember the last time I had one. So, it’s been wonderful.

I’ve also had a lot of help with energy level because being so sleep deprived and stressed, I didn’t have much energy, but now I have quite a bit more than before. I find the treatments very relaxing, which sounds kind of strange to have somebody sticking needles in you, but it’s very soothing, and Gene is very much a professional. He’s very knowledgeable about Eastern medicines and alternative therapies and things, so I’ve found it to be a huge benefit to my life and the quality of my life.

If someone had concerns about acupuncture being too out there or too much of an alternative treatment, I would recommend coming in for the initial session. Gene is very thorough, he talks about a lot of different issues and finds out about your history and your concerns and explains the process very well. There is occasional discomfort with some of the needles, but the majority of them you don’t even feel them going in. And it all depends on what you’re getting treated for, I would guess as to the number of needles and things. But my son has been with us during sessions and he’s found it fascinating to see how much it helps me and how much it has improved everything.

So I would recommend that, just try it and see because for me it helped me within the first few days after the first treatment.

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