Danette F. - Breast Cancer Survivor

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2008. At the time that I received the diagnosis I knew right away that I wanted to do research before I made any decisions. My mother had died about six years earlier from cancer and at the time I had done a little bit of research for her for a more comprehensive approach for treating cancer. So I looked on the website and I found Natural Horizons by searching for Insulin Potentiation Therapy, IPT, chemo treatment.

My family wanted me to look conventional as well as comprehensive, which I did, and I had to speak with surgeons and I had to speak with oncologists. And after I talked to a variety of people and after I made two trips to Natural Horizons; two, two-hour trips, I made a decision that following my surgery this was the place for me. And I knew that we were going to tackle this with a more comprehensive approach to treating cancer. I’d seen too many people being devastated by chemo alone or chemo and radiation and the conventional way and I knew that wasn’t the route that I wanted to go.

I met with a nutritionist here and I met with the doctor here and I met with the nurses. I did more research online to find out what was available out there and what people were using. And then I choose to have the Chemo Sensitivity Blood Test done. And I think that’s a really important test because a lot of people are being treated with… for cancer using drug therapies that are based on statistics, where do you fall in the statistics. And I didn’t want to be a statistic; I wanted to know what was going to work best for me.

I also chose IPT chemo therapy because I knew it was a much lower dose approach, but a much more targeted approach and that made so much sense to me. I know a little bit about biology and chemistry and it made so much sense to me. And when I see a lot of women walking around, going through cancer treatment for breast cancer, especially when they lose their hair. And it wasn’t a vanity thing for me, although vanity is on there… radar somewhere. It was more about, if this is what’s happening on the outside, what’s happening on the inside? How devastated are you being on the inside? And I believed a more comprehensive approach, looking at nutrition, going through IPT chemo therapy wasn’t going to devastate my immune system and it didn’t. People were amazed that I was going through cancer treatment and that I looked that good and I felt that good.

I said, I had minimal side effects, I did everything I was told, I used other therapies here at Natural Horizons when I could. It’s a little more difficult traveling two hours one way to come for treatment to be able to use more services. Had I been closer, I would have used even more services. I flew through my treatment. And I guess a year-and-a-half later, following the end of my treatment I’m doing very well, but I’m continuing with recommendations and guidelines that I received right from the very beginning that have helped me along the way. And the support staff here has been awesome every time I call, everybody’s awesome. I’ve been doing my blood test follow ups and everything has been awesome.

Right from the very beginning, they offered me the Chemo Sensitivity Test that my tumor cells would be tested and they would be able to determine which best chemo drugs would work on my tumor cells rather than being put into a statistic, which is normally how you’re treated with conventional medicine and they decide whether you fit into like a two-drug regimen or a three-drug regimen and so does everybody else, and sorry but there will be tremendous amount of negative effects potentially. And for most people, yeah, most of them are true side effects. I knew that I would have a more targeted approach, not from the chemo drugs, but the supplements that were also tested on my tumor cells. I could take three or four supplements every day knowing that those two could be effective against any potential tumor cells still lingering in my body after the surgery. So, they offered me that IPT chemo, which was the most important as far as I was concerned.

I could have also done vitamin C infusions and I know that those are really, really helpful and I talked to lots of different people outside of Natural Horizons who highly recommended them. Could I have been here, been able to come here more often, I would have used those as well. I even looked into using them in the Richmond area and they weren’t even available. I would have tried to use that more. The colonics was another treatment that I used every day after chemo and I totally support that because you’re liver is being stressed by the toxins in your body, chemo drugs are effective, but they’re toxic. Your liver is trying to remove those drugs and you need to, from the liver and the colon, you need to get things out of the colon. So week by week, I was coming for treatments. And I knew that by doing the colonics as well, I’m trying to help my body by relieving it… removing as many toxins as possible through that avenue.

And obviously nutrition. Getting advice on nutrition and what any other supplements I could be adding to my diet. It was a more comprehensive whole body approach to getting my immune system back to where it needed to be because it was my immune system that failed in the first place.

If you’re taking conventional chemo, I believe in my heart and my soul, that it’s devastating your immune system, week by week, whether you’re receiving treatment or not, it’s still three weeks in between, your still devastating your immune system and so many people I think end up with more and more complications because they’ve devastated their immune system and then they have to take additional drugs just to boost their immune system, just to receive more chemo. I didn’t have to have that. I didn’t need that. And I wasn’t terribly fatigued and I didn’t have terrible nausea. I breezed through my treatment.

And so everybody around me in my circle of life, “Oh gosh if something happens to me, I’m going to give you a call. You’re the person I’m going to go to for information.” So, I wish there were more places like this for more people to choose for their treatments.

By making the choice to come to Natural Horizons and being supported by people around me, my husband, my extended family, I was able to… I was afraid, so afraid to start this treatment. The first round of chemo my mother went through about devastated her and she was given two years to live and she was gone in four months. I was very afraid. And having done the research and had the confidence from Natural Horizons from the doctors and the support staff here, knowing I was making the right choice, and then going through the process week after week and everything was so positive here. My results were positive, my blood work was positive, the lack of negative side effects was positive for me; the entire experience was positive for me. As devastating as it is to get cancer, once I was on this journey, I don’t call it a battle, I call it a journey here at Natural Horizons. I knew I was in the right place. I never looked back.

And if something happened to me in the future, this is the first place I would… Natural Horizons would be the first place I would call. It needs to be a comprehensive approach, everybody needs to tackle it with a comprehensive approach, and that’s what Natural Horizons offers you. And not enough places offer you a comprehensive approach.

If you are in the beginning of this process and you’ve just received your diagnosis, you need to know that you don’t have to act immediately; you don’t have to do what the first person has told you to do. You can do your due diligence, do your research. Get informed and know that this place may be not available as broadly as I would like. I had to drive two hours to come here, not everybody has to do that. Know that what they offer here is being offered in other places in the country. This isn’t out there… this is every day. This is important, this is available, this is evidence-based. Know that you have choices.

Women I think are devastated by their diagnosis and they immediately don’t know what to do. And I come across too many women who say, “Oh my gosh, I wish I had known. I wish I had looked. I wish I had been informed. I wish I had had more time.” And I think 99.9% of the women who get the diagnosis, they do have time. Although immediately they don’t think they do. They have time to come, listen, learn, be informed, and then feel comfortable inside when you make that decision, whatever that decision is, that it is the right decision for you. And a place like Natural Horizons gives you that opportunity to come, learn, listen, know what your choices are. Know that you’re not limited to your choices.

Too many people, I think, feel very limited, very boxed in, I have to listen to what one person is telling me and I have to do what they say. I don’t think that’s true and I think more and more people are becoming informed. They’re using the internet and they’re using other sources to become more informed and they go to the doctors and they say, “I think I have more choices, can we discuss that I might have more choices.” And then I think we’re forcing the conventional medical world to listen and pay attention and to realize, they might need to be more supportive, that people have comprehensive choices. They might need to have nutrition on the list, more therapies on the list. They need to increase the learning in medical school to those options as well.

People have choices and I don’t think people realize they have choices. And I think if you’re in the beginning of this, you need to know you have choices and there are people that are out there that will support your choices. Don’t be afraid. Because it’s a journey, I don’t think it’s a battle. It should be a journey; a positive journey.

I know I can say I’m cancer-free. And I think I’m cancer-free because I made the choice to come to Natural Horizons for my care. Every time I came, I felt like wrapped in a blanket here; wrapped in a blanket figuratively and literally. Everybody… the staff are warm; Ason, Carol Ann are awesome. Everybody cared about everything, my tests, my status, cheered me on, encouraged my choices. It’s a whole body, whole comprehensive approach that I don’t think people can say that they will get from a more clinical, medical, hospital-based environment. They go into a giant room with lots of people plugged up to tubes of blood and you hope that everybody checked the numbers right and they’re did the job right. It’s more personalized at Natural Horizons.

You feel like people are vested in your success and want to see that you’re going to succeed in getting beyond the cancer and improving your overall health. They’re vested in it and you’re vested in it. And from the bottom of my heart… I’m here today. And I’m going to live a long time because I made the right choice. Natural Horizons is the right choice for the comprehensive approach too. And it’s not just cancer. My experience was cancer, but obviously, they offer a comprehensive approach to a lot of opportunities in health. Getting informed, and again taking advantage of different therapies. I haven’t taken advantage of everything that’s here, but there’s a lot offered here. And all those things contribute to your overall health status. Your teeth, chiropractic, you name it, it all contributes. But for me personally, it was the right choice. And that’s why I’m here.

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