June S. - Dental Patient

My name is June Stanley, and before I came to Natural Horizons, I had a very unstable jaw joint on the right side to the point that I would wake up with shooting pain down my arm and neck and shoulders and up my head and I’d have horrible migraine headaches and sometimes my jaw would be locked and I couldn’t open it at all. And I couldn’t live with the pain. And I do not know who recommended Dr. Johnson to me, but it’s been at least eight years ago. And I came to him and the first visit; he spent a lot of time with me explaining how he could help alleviate the pain and what he would do to stabilize my jaw joint.

The second time I came, he made molds, upper and lower, of my teeth and then had an appliance made to fit my mouth. He spend a lot of time balancing it using techniques that are very unique, cranial work, pulses of your meridians and things that most dentists would not know about, he did. And he was able to balance both of my jaws so that when I bit down, I was stable.

And the first night I noticed a big difference and the pain level is a lot less and it continued to get less.

One of the things Natural Horizons has helped me to do is in balancing and stabilizing my jaw I don’t have the shooting pain down my neck and down my arm and in my head. And so I can do things and I feel like doing things, whereas before, I felt awful and I didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to stay in bed. So I’ve been able to go out and actually swim again, which I wasn’t able to do for a long time, and walk, which I couldn’t even do because I was in so much pain. Sometimes I couldn’t eat because my jaw was so messed up, and now I can eat anything, it doesn’t matter what it is.

So I’ve definitely improved since I’ve been coming to Natural Horizons.

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