Maria M. - Naturopathy Patient

My name is Marie Martinez, I am a dentist. I started to have health problems like nine years ago after I have my baby. And I was diagnosed with asthma, so I was treated with, since the beginning, with Prednisone, Albuterol and antibiotics. I looked for a pulmonologist to be in the right hands and then he kept prescribing the same and then I got used to that and then x-rays every 72 seconds to see how were my lungs. And you have pneumonia today, oh no, you don’t have it anymore, like that. So I thought that was going to be my life, to be taking Prednisone and antibiotics and I know, since I am a dentist that that’s bad, but I just kept doing it.

I was getting sick every two months or maybe less, so I was so sick that I knew that I had to take antibiotics, so I kept going to the doctor whenever I was so sick. And then he was asking me, so do you think you need Prednisone, do you think you think you need antibiotic, and I was “yeah, I guess so because I cannot breathe. I better take something.” So when my father got cancer five or six years ago, I was terrified with the cancer, I thought it would never happen in my family. But I thought it was just something that happened. But when my brother got cancer three years later, I got so desperate trying to save him that I was looking for information. I started reading about the blood ph, alkaline ph, all the chemicals that are in the food, all the things that are making us sick instead of looking for treatments when you are sick already.

So I said, I should apply that with me, I cannot kill myself having Prednisone, which is so poisonous, and antibiotics, this is my life and I won’t last that long. That’s when I looked for a doctor and I found Dr. Bennett. I love the way that she did the medical history. She investigated the cause, which is what unfortunately most MD’s don’t do. And I started realizing why we study, even me as a dentist, to serve the patient and we ended up caught in this drug business. And we ended up just prescribing for the symptoms instead of finding out what’s going on. Where is the pain or the problem coming for?

And it was easier when I didn’t know about Natural Horizon, but when she said that we have an office there, it would be easier for you if you went to go there, so I came here a lot. And I tell all my patients, there is this office, you have hope, so don’t go to a medical doctor, only if you want to be cured, find out and get information, they are medical doctors there also, but they like what they are doing and they investigate the cause. If they have to mix medicine that you need with alternative medicine, they do it.

So, I’m so happy, you know, I’m excited because I can share. In my career, I have the opportunity to see people… some people they don’t listen and some of them are afraid to change. It is very difficult to change mentality, but a lot of them they accept the advice and I think I have helped a lot of people already to find a way to cure themselves with natural medicine.

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