Raymond T. - Colon Cancer Survivor

I first found out about my cancer back in May of '09 and they operated on me in Albany, New York. They took part of my colon out and they said they got it all. Then I took chemo, 11 treatments. That put me in the hospital a couple times. I was real sick over it and then they had another test done and they discovered the cancer had come back and I had another operation in Buffalo, New York at a cancer center and they decided there they just cut me and closed me back up and they said there was too much of it there for… try to cut in it and that is when my wife started looking at alternative medicine on the internet and we came across a place in California and one in Long Island and Cherry Hill and here and we decided to try the one in Cherry Hill and it was very impersonal there. It was people were just like I don't know. They didn't treat you right and they didn't make me feel at home.

Then we came down here and I took a tour of this place and right away I took a liking to it because the people were very nice here and they made me feel welcome and feel at home. I feel like I'm one of the family here now and even after my first treatment I started to feel better and I was very depressed before that and feeling good again helped me get feeling better, so I was able to do more things and right now I'm living a normal life. It's I don't know how long it's going to last, but the good Lord only knows himself and I'm just happy I came down here. At least it gave me this much more and at least I've have something to look forward to and that is one thing about I guess fighting cancer is hope. It's a lot of it in the mind too to get rid of that stuff in your body. Basically that is about all I can about it that it's just people are great here and it felt real good.

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