Cindy W. - Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Patient

When I came here I was in a lot of pain, my hips were making cracking noises and when I'd sit on the floor, like reading, when I tried to get up, it was just very painful. And after months of coming and doing the strengthening core exercises that all went away. Especially I knew for sure, when gardening season came because I spent many hours in the garden and I didn't have the terrible back pain and I could stand up; that was the other thing that was so much easier. And the hips were not hurting me. And now I don't have the cracking noises in the hips like I did before and they don't hurt - it did hurt also.

So I'm so glad that I came to Dr. Vrama. He knows more than any chiropractor that I know of in the whole U.S. Everything has gone perfectly, really, since I've been here. Laurie and all those who work here have been amazing and friendly and everyone seems to be interested in everyone feeling well and getting better and doing the best job that they can do. And I'm so glad I came here.

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