Ann P. - Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Patient

Hello, I'm Ann Palley and I am an active woman who lives in the country, in Virginia. I came for the first time to Natural Horizons Wellness Center in the summer of 2009 because I had suffered an injury to a knee and I was unable to walk.

My knees were chronically injured in 1985 from a ski accident and so through the years I always had to coddle them and take care of them and they've always been problematic. I've never been able to do everything I want to do because of my knees until now. I came and saw Dr. Verma and he worked on my knees - he first did a very, very in-depth inspection, whatever you call it medically, of my knees and then worked on them and he used light laser treatment on me. And the amazing thing is I had hobbled in, dragging my one leg, sort of hopping, into the center. And when I left, I walked out like a Gazelle.

When my husband came home that night and saw me hopping around the kitchen cooking dinner, he said, “What happened?” And I said, “Well, it's a miracle, but I'm out of pain and I feel much better and I'm going back next week.”

Dr. Verma then said to me, “You know, if we can work on your on a continuing basis, I think we can get your knees back to, if not how they were before your skiing accident, pretty close to normal.” And that's what we did.

And so I worked with Dr. Verma and he worked through manipulation and through the light laser treatments and this summer I just returned from three weeks in Africa where I was able to ride horses for seven hours a day, seven days a week; hike, rock climb without so much as a twinge of pain. Actually, I had less trouble with my knees than people who were on the trip that didn't have knee trouble.

So I would say that I am back to where I was before I injured my knees, which is an amazing thing because through the years I tried everything to get there. This is the only thing that's gotten me there. So I can't say enough good things about the Natural Horizons Wellness Center. They also take good care of me. They get me in on my busy schedule and they care about me and they care about how I'm doing.

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