Patient Forms

If you are a new Natural Horizons patient, please download and fill out forms prior to your first visit. For your convenience, forms are organized by doctor and/or service. 

By Practitioner:

Dr. Joseph Shaw Jones, MD (Internal Medicine):

New Patient Intake Form

Food Intake Form

Dr. Robin Ridinger, MD (Holistic Family Medicine, Functional Integrative Medicine):

New Patient Intake Forms

Dr. Rahul Kumar, DDS (Dental Department):

Dental Intake Form

Dr. Craig John, DC (Chiropractic Physician, Low Intensity Laser Therapy):

New Chiropractic Patient Intake Form

New Patient Intake Form

Oswestry Form

Chiropractic Consent Form

Low Intensity Laser Therapy Consent Form

Donna King, BS, CMT (Allergy Elimination Specialist):

New Patient Intake Form

Teresa Owens (Colon Hydrotherapist):

Colon Hydrotherapy Form

Ion Detox Foot Bath Form

Eugene Spence, Lic. Ac., (Licensed Acupuncturist): 

New Acupuncture Patient Forms

NHWC Appointment Policy

Additional Services:

Far Infrared Sauna:

New Patient Intake Form

Infrared Sauna Consent Form

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

New Patient Intake Form

Hyperbaric Consent Form

IV Vitamin Therapy:

New Patient Intake Form

Food Intake Form

Massage Therapy:

New Patient Intake Form

Standard Massage Therapy Form

Oncology Massage Therapy Form

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