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Who We Are

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers are leaders in the field of integrative medicine and wellness. Through the collaborative effort of many practitioners and the use of state-of-the-art practices, protocols and therapies, we offer each patient the best that conventional medicine and the alternative disciplines have to offer via an integrated, comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically for each patient.

What We Do and How We Do It

Natural Horizons addresses all aspects (mental, emotional and physical) of health, disease and illness, which enables us to accurately detect points of deviation from perfect health, which we call the “source” points of the disease. Because every individual is unique, we look at every patient/case separately when focusing on these interconnected aspects of health. The goal is to eliminate the “source” or the root of disease and bring the patient to a disease-free state of wellness.

We begin the process by selecting diagnostic tools appropriate for the specific condition of each patient. In most cases, we incorporate a combination of tests and assessments to achieve the most complete and definitive readings possible. In addition to physical evaluations, our diagnostic tools indicate mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances — all of which are contributing factors to a sound and accurate diagnosis.

Using these results, our multidisciplinary team of doctors and practitioners reviews each patient’s comprehensive profile. As appropriate, the team makes recommendations for treatment based on their experience within their respective disciplines. The Center Director then directs the team’s recommended therapies to form that patient’s “Comprehensive Treatment Plan.”

At the same time, each patient is introduced to our Individualized Wellness Program, which is designed to prevent illness and achieve a much higher level of health and well-being. This is as much an education program, incorporating various lifestyle and dietary changes, as it is medicine. Our Wellness Centers offer support and advice throughout the entire process. These include ongoing education, lectures, seminars, supportive group sessions, individual counseling, tailored individual wellness programs and periodic wellness assessments. The Wellness Program offers the same comprehensive combination of resources and optimized wellness programs for both healthy and non-healthy clients.

Our Mission

Empower consumers and practitioners with the highest level of integrative medicine and dental health services, education, training, research and consumer products, all aimed at achieving the best clinical results. Continue to assist each and every patient, child or adult, on his or her journey to optimal wellness.

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