Tram (Tina) Q. Nguyen, BSRDH

Dental Hygienist

Tina's former and current patients describe her as self-motivated, energetic, hardworking and an overall caring individual. As an Honors graduate from Old Dominion University - School of Dental Hygiene in Norfolk, Virginia, Tina received her Bachelor of Science in 2013. Prior to coming to NHWC, Tina cared for and supported countless periodontal maintenance patients to maintain their condition in a healthy state throughout the duration of their personal treatment plans.

From working closely with patients, she received a great sense of accomplishment from helping them grasp the interconnection between systemic diseases and oral health. She does this all while delivering optimal care to everyone who visits her. She has acquired a strong periodontal background through trainings and treated over 85% of periodontally involved patients. Tina has excellent interpersonal skills and increased understanding of group dynamics, both in terms of work productivity and patient care.

As part of her hands-on experience in private practices, she has experience in producing and working with digital x-rays (intraoral photography). Furthermore, she is open-minded to learning additional skills and techniques to better provide and service all of her patients.

Tina's goal has always been to be a top-notch hygienist and to continue building her skills by being more receptive in continuing education and seminars. She firmly believes that her compassion, skills, and determination as a dental hygiene professional is felt by every patient that visits her.

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