The Benefits of Natural Dentistry

November 14, 2016

Natural Dentistry Fairfax


Natural Dentistry is the care diagnosing, planning and treating for the whole patient rather than just the patient’s teeth and gums.

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers dentist’s implement a patient-first protocol. We use a broad perspective, analyzing and including the patient’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects and all outside influences that affect a patient.

Carole Ewens, Dental Department Administrator, believes and preaches that your dental health is an integral part of your overall well-being and vice versa.

Living healthy and keeping a balanced mind, body and spirit is our focus, not just the teeth and gums.

The consultation with our dental team begins with a diagnosis. This involves listening carefully to the patient, a comprehensive health examination, an open dialogue between our dental health consultants, our dentists and patient. We custom design appropriate health testing and digital X-rays.

In Biologic Dentistry, when diagnosing cavities, a biologic dentist goes beyond just a clinical exam and X-rays. A Biologic dentist finds the root causes of the problems, teaches and trains the patient in healthy living and eating habits. The goal is to partner with the patient to correct the imbalances and implement healthy protocols for the patient.

This is critical, as new research is confirming, the primary cause of cavities is a body imbalance not simply sugar and bacteria on the teeth. We see that the healthy balance of the body is the focus of all diagnosing, treatments and prevention at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers. The body’s imbalance of nutrition to the teeth, to thrive and repair, can result in a cavity.

A Meridian Tooth Chart or teeth diagram is a simple map of the correlation between the teeth in the mouth and the organs in the body. While it may seem ridiculous to suggest, Eastern medicine — including ancient medicine and other disciplines — has taught for centuries that a connection between the teeth and other parts of the body must surely exist.

So what tooth connects where? The chart tells the story. The front teeth are related to the kidneys, while the premolars have a connection with the stomach and gastro tracks. Take a look below, as the chart indicates.

Can this connection really be possible in the light of what we now understand about the human body?

We believe this connection requires an understanding of Chinese acupuncture and how it works its therapeutic results for those who use it.


Meridian Tooth Chart

A general dentist would teach patients prevention of cavities by teaching you to brush and floss. For example, the level of fluoride in our tap water satisfies this need; to not have this procedure at a general dental office. These techniques have continued to fail the public and are minimally effective.

A Biologic dentist co-diagnosis and co-treats the patient in a partnership focusing on balance and healthy living. This wider focus on the whole patient achieves the best outcome of optimal health and vitality with a beautiful smile.

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