Alternative Cancer Treatments That Work

November 23, 2016

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative Cancer Treatments That Work

The facts are clear that a person will develop some sort of cancer during his or her lifetime. Even with an innovative treatment protocol, the odds that an individual will develop some sort of cancer during his or her lifetime now stands at a frightening 1 out of 2.5. 

Cancer not only seems to be becoming more deadly--claiming 500,000 lives per year--but it is striking its victims at progressively younger ages.

As for conventional medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, the reality is that these "therapies" are toxic poisons. These toxins can harm the body and set the stage for secondary cancers, while demonstrating a weak rate of success.

The truth is, after several decades of unsuccessful treatments that can destroy ones quality of life, it’s time for more effective approaches to battling cancers.

At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers, you can discover an innovative and safe way to successfully recover from a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer can be prevented and reversed by proper healthcare choices--especially through diet.

The ability of chemotherapy to contribute to a five-year survival rate stands at a dismal two percent, in general terms. The reality is that conventional methods such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation often fail. The reason they fail is due to the treatments inability to address the root causes of cancer; namely ones lifestyle and environmental factors.

Lifestyle and environmental factors can include tobacco use, stress, inactivity, infections, pollutants and radiation. Poor diet, estimated to cause up to 35 percent of all cancers, is also a major factor.

The Good News 

Diet can also play a role in helping to reverse cancer.  Natural Horizons Wellness Centers maintains that dietary factors can balance hormones, enhance immune function, and stimulate healthy cell growth.

The proper foods can also target cancer by promoting apoptosis or programmed cancer cell death.  Starving and slowing the growth of tumors by inhibiting blood supply can help to prevent recurrence of cancer.

Although the correct anti-cancer diet may vary according to the individual, Natural Horizons Wellness Centers advises an organic, plant-based, wild-caught fish, organic meats and high-fiber diet--featuring ample amounts of carotenoid-rich fruits and anti-carcinogenic vegetables.

Choose Foods That Prevent Cancer

At Natural Horizons, the centerpiece of our cancer nutritional program is counseling that helps patients choose a diet rich in cancer-preventing foods. While no cancer prevention diet is 100% effective, there are steps you can take to incorporate cancer-fighting foods into your diet.

Working with our nutritional counselors, you learn about:

1. Common, easy-to-find cancer-preventing foods

2. Leafy Green Vegetables

3. Cruciferous Vegetables

4. Berries

5. Brightly Orange-Colored Fruits and Veggies (Citrus Fruits, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, etc.)

6. Fresh Herbs and Spices  

7. Organic Meats

8. Cultured Dairy Products

9. Nuts and Seeds

10. Foods that can increase your cancer risk

11. Recipes for cancer-fighting foods at every meal

In addition to foods that help prevent cancer, foods that fight cancer are available, too. Foods like kale, broccoli and cauliflower are natural cancer fighters. Your Natural Horizons Wellness Centers nutritional specialist will teach you about these powerful cancer-fighting foods.

Flood Body with Vitamins

Part of your cancer nutrition counseling at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers includes developing a plan for getting the vitamins you need to fight your cancer and optimize health during treatment. Distinguishing between vitamins that are critical to staying healthy and using vitamins for treating cancer is important.

Vitamin B17 and Vitamin C are among the more well known uses of vitamins for treating cancer. Our medical team customizes treatment protocols to target the root of cancers. We believe in helping to educate you about the appropriate use of these vitamin treatments.

IV vitamin therapy provides the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids your immune system needs to remain strong during cancer treatment. In order to fight, cells needs to have essential vitamins to stay in the battle.

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