Cancer Treatment Overview

Natural Horizons is one of the premier alternative cancer treatment centers on the East Coast. Our holistic approach to treating cancer begins with a comprehensive health evaluation. We assess factors that affect the health of multiple body systems in order to develop the individualized alternative and complementary cancer therapies that are best for each patient.

All cancer therapy should focus on eliminating causative factors and directly fighting tumors — especially in late-stage cancers. Furthermore, therapies should differ depending on the type and causative agent(s) of the cancer.

Cancer is a disease with multiple initiating factors, so optimal therapy practices should utilize a multi-pronged approach. Alternative cancer treatment therapies attempt to zero in on eliminating the significant underlying causes of cancer so that the body can heal itself.

Because the body’s immune system fights off and helps reverse many early cancer formations, all therapies need to address strengthening of the immune system to help the body fight any cancer cells that are formed every day.

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Alternative Cancer Therapy

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers offer holistic cancer treatment options that provide more than just the standard chemotherapy and radiation practices offered at other types of facilities. We understand that cancer affects every person in a unique way, and that treatment should reflect the personal nature of cancer.

Cancer is more than just a diagnosis — the condition changes virtually every aspect of a person’s life, from physical health to emotional well-being. Cancer can also metastasize and spread beyond the original source. Our cancer treatment centers recognize the unique nature of the disease, allowing us to incorporate alternative therapies and treatments that focus on the whole-body experience of cancer.

Cancer differs from many other diseases in several ways. There are more than 100 types of cancer with a variety of causes that range from radiation exposure to poor lifestyle choices — and each cancer acts in a distinctive way to cause illness. Unlike many conditions that affect only one organ or set of organs, cancer affects numerous body systems, especially as it spreads during later stages of the disease. Cancer is also unlike many unpreventable diseases in that an individual has a varying amount of control over exposure to cancer-causing agents.

Holistic Treatment Approaches

Just as cancer is not a one-size-fits-all condition that stays contained, treatment must be highly individualized and focused on healing the whole body rather than just the cancer cells. Therapy should strive to eliminate the various causes of cancer and directly target tumors, especially in cases of cancer in the late stages. Standard cancer therapy approaches vary greatly depending on the cancer type, cause and stage of progression.

Holistic and alternative cancer therapies are even more individualized and personalized in that these approaches are geared to the patient’s overall health in addition to treating the disease at its source. Whenever possible, alternative treatment approaches attempt to focus on eliminating significant underlying causes of cancer.

Natural cancer treatments also enhance the body’s own healing process. While all therapies strive to strengthen the immune system in a way that helps the body in the daily battle to fight the formation of new cancer cells, natural cancer treatments optimize the immune system to help the body win this battle.

Cancer Treatments

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