Building Patient’s Trust In Your Medical Practice

March 05, 2017

Building Patient’s Trust In Your Medical Practice or Healthcare Clinic

Cancer Center VirginiaTrust must be built in your medical facility’s infrastructure, real estate and location--regardless if you are a large-scale hospital or small clinic, it is as important as the care of your patients.

Keeping our medical facility at the highest standards of compliance and cleanliness is a critical component to patient comfort.

When deciding where to locate a rheumatology practice, you need to do your homework. There are many factors to ponder, including accessibility, population demographics, competition, need, costs and whether a building meets your needs.

First and foremost, it is critical that patients can easily get to us. Finding our practice is easy and that’s important. Leonard Brown, President of Meridian Properties of Virginia says, “It is key to have public transportation near a practice in urban areas. In suburban healthcare markets like Fairfax, Virginia, however, vehicular access is most important, and proximity to highway access allows for a wider geographic radius of patients. Typically, a 20-minute ride is the maximum distance patients will travel.”

Traffic can be a double-edged sword, Leonard also points out--the greater the traffic in an area, the more prospective patients are located in that general area.

In addition to location, we have plenty of parking. Parking is free and always available. We provide easy and convenient access to the building, because walking any distance can be difficult for some of our patients. 

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