Our dentists can help you understand many underlying health complications potentially related to the oral cavity that may otherwise go undetected. Dental health contributes to the overall health and wellness of both the oral cavity and the body.

Biological Dentistry: Fairfax Dentist

Biological Dentistry is an approach to dentistry that takes into account the physiologic and energetic relationships between the oral cavity and the body. It goes beyond the traditional, mechanical dental approach-filling a cavity, removing plaque or pulling an impacted tooth like a normal dentist office. Instead, Biological Dentistry integrates traditional dental services and body health while assessing which services should be sought with regard to overall priority.

The oral cavity-teeth, gums, palate, cheek, lips, tongue, jawbone, and tonsil area-is intimately connected to the rest of the body and therefore affects its health. Likewise, health of the body affects the mouth. So, for the sake of optimum overall health, when treating issues of the oral cavity and of the body, both dental and medical practitioners should consider factors outside their chosen area of expertise.

We provide a complementary dental examination for problem focused issues in the absence of insurance.

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