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May 23, 2017

Comprehensive Cancer Program at NHWC

At Natural Horizons, we believe that effective cancer treatment involves more than addressing symptoms and tumors; we believe that physicians must also detect and eliminate the underlying cause(s) in order to better achieve a non-recurrent outcome.

Assessing each underlying cause of a patient’s cancer and eliminating each cause will make the body’s systems and biochemistry stronger and more effective at fighting the cancer.

Underlying causes of cancer include toxins, infections, nutrient deficiencies or excesses, emotional or stress issues, energetic disturbances or genetic imprints on the DNA from illness in previous generations.

The key role Detoxification plays

The world's population is being exposed to an ever-increasing array and quantity of toxins. Among these are chemicals, heavy metals, food additives, personal hygiene products, anesthetics and drugs — from caffeine to recreational drugs. When our body is exposed to toxins, our cells and tissues utilize them, excrete them or store them in various tissues and cells of the body.

Stored toxins can damage the cells, tissues and organs they inhabit and alter their function, lower metabolism, cause enzyme dysfunction, create nutritional deficiencies, cause hormone imbalances, decrease energy production and ultimately lower the body's ability to resist disease. At the Natural Horizons holistic detox center, our body-cleanse program helps you remove toxins from your body so you can return to normal health and functioning, especially while fighting cancer.

Cancer Treatment VA

The many ways to detoxify include:

- Fasting

- Nutritional modifications

- Far-Infrared Sauna

- Baths that pull toxins from the body

- Foot pads that pull toxins through the bottom of the feet

- Skin brushing

- Oral supplements

- Specific oils

- Colon hydrotherapy

- Lymphatic drainage

- Liver, gallbladder and kidney drainage

Chelation therapy, which introduces binding chemicals that grab onto toxins (usually metals) and assist with their excretion from the body.

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