Dentures are an excellent option for patients with several damaged or weakened teeth. Partial and complete dentures are a removable option that can be customized to look straight and natural. When it comes to comprehensive options for dentures, Washington DC patients trust Natural Horizons Wellness Centers. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive approach to your dental and general health, and read on to learn more about dentures as a solution.

How Dentures Can Benefit You

Not all dental issues can be addressed by way of improvements to existing teeth. Often times, a patient is better served by replacing them. The benefits of quality dentures can be significant for a patient whose teeth have been or must be taken out for any number of reasons. Here are the two key benefits of dentures.


There is no need for a lack of teeth to have a negative impact on your overall appearance. Advancements in dentures have made it possible to replace either a few or an entire mouthful of teeth. With the help of dentures, a patient can enjoy a radiant smile that fully supports the mouth as a whole.


A lack of functionality resulting from missing teeth can have serious health implications. Fortunately, dentures are a huge benefit to such patients, as they help to restore the ability to chew and speak comfortably.

Knowing If Dentures Are the Right Solution

A consultation can help you determine whether dentures are the best option for you, but in general that determination can be made based on your specific circumstances. Patients who opt for dentures often have teeth that are either missing or cannot be restored by other means. Options are available for patients with only a few missing teeth, as well as for those with no teeth. Patients who are dissatisfied with their appearance or who lack functionality such as chewing or speaking often benefit from dentures.

A Holistic Approach to Dentures and Dentistry

A tailored approach that considers all elements of your health can make a world of difference. Natural Horizons Wellness Centers is known for taking a holistic approach to dentistry and general well-being. We understand that your physical, mental and emotional health are interconnected, and we shape your personalized treatment plan based on your needs. By taking a comprehensive look at your general health, we can better ensure that you are getting the right kind of treatment.

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