Month: June 2022

How Health Affects Your Appearance

  The saying “True beauty comes from within” is very old and very wise at the same time. You may get eyeliner tattoos to have stunning eyes that enhance your beauty but you can only shine from within if you really feel good and are full of energy. In this article, we would like to get…

By Charlie Docia June 24, 2022 Off

Age-Related Hypogonadism: The Menopause in Men

From around the middle to the late thirties, testosterone production in men slows down. The testosterone level gradually decreases by about one to two percent per year. In contrast to postmenopausal women, in whom estrogen production stops completely after the change, testosterone production in men remains at a reduced level. By the way, how much…

By Lacey Maud June 19, 2022 Off

Healthy Skin Through Cosmetic Glitter

Cosmetics have become commonplace for people in recent years. There is hardly anyone who does without them. How cosmetic glitter can have a positive effect on health More and more people are turning to cosmetics to look better and take care of their faces and body. Using a range of products, for example for the…

By Lacey Maud June 11, 2022 Off