Are You a Steroid User or a Legit Gym Rat?

February 11, 2023 Off By Rilla Teagan

A typical gym rat is one you see spending time in gym facilities to engage in breather activities of a regular sport; such as running, cycling and swimming.
Actually, many become addicted to sports and working out because their ultimate goal is to develop and build muscles, to which a 6-pack abs physique is the most authentic achievement. It’s the art of sculpting by reducing body fat and engaging in physical activities through gym workouts and weight lifts.
However, it’s unfortunate that some young men are prevented from making it their life goal because of a genetic hormonal deficiency of not being able to repair, rebuild and regenerate muscle cells at a normal rate. Nevertheless, those medical cases find remedy by way of anabolic steroid medications.

What Exactly are Steroids, Are They Natural?

It should be clear that steroids are synthetic substances made by humans using chemicals as means to mimic a specific natural ingredient or process. Synthetic chemicals are made by humans using methods different from the ones nature uses. In most cases these chemical structures are not found in nature.
Anabolic steroids are synthetic substances that strive to mimic the functions of the male testosterone. A synthetic testosterone has properties similar to the male sex hormone that is largely responsible for promoting muscle growth.

Do Steroids Offer Faster Ways of Achieving Great Physique

Some steroids are categorized as Pharmacy Grade. Somehow, this labelling helped ease the anxiety over using steroids.
Pharmaceutical grade anabolics of which the most popular are the manufacturers of steroids canada. Yet many are still advised to take precautions when taking steroids especially if without medical supervision.

Anabolic steroids may have produced astonishing health results. Yet not all results of steroid-use are impressive because oftentimes, there are side effects that counteract the supposed benefits of taking steroids.
Besides, just like in the US, steroids in Canada are also controlled substances. This means a prescription is required to legally purchase a steroids medication or supplement.

Most Common Adverse Reactions of Steroid-Use

1.  Abrupt mood swings known as “roid rage”, usually as a result of prolonged use.

2.  Acne breakout that can affect a steroid user’s disposition and personality.

3.  Men develop enlarged breasts while women grow facial hair and suffer from paranoia.

4.  Possible weight gain especially if the steroids being taken increase appetite.

5.  Poor healing of bruises as the skin covers are less thick.
Unsightly thickening of the belly, the back of the neck and the face muscles.