The Criticisms Against Gummy Multivitamins

July 14, 2022 Off By Rilla Teagan

Multivitamin supplements in gummy forms have been drawing attention as questions about their efficiency in promoting overall health is now a persistent topic. It was noted by analysts that post-pandemic consumer buying denoted a surge in the sale of multivitamin gummies. Yet, researchers noted that while gummy supplements are at present popular as part of beauty regimen to keep skin and hair healthy, continuous gummy consumption could result to other health problems.

As gummy vitamin marketers promote them as good for hair and skin regeneration, excessive consumption as encouraged by their palatable taste could also lead to health failures. The sugary appearance and sweet taste of gummies have the appeal of treats but have been found to bring fewer health benefits than the traditional multivitamin. Dr. Neha Vyas, a primary care specialis give reasons on why it’s not advisable to replace conventional multivitamin pills with gummies.

What’s Wrong with Gummy Multivitamins?

First off, Dr. Vyas contends that multivitamin gummies have lower vitamin and mineral content when compared to regular multivitamins. Due to their composition, it is actually difficult to quantify how much nutritional value goes into each unit of gummy, unlike the vitamins that come in pill or capsule form.

There is also the fact that because of their gummy composition, the stability of their shelf life is affected, which includes becoming less potent after a period of time. Dr. Vyas warns that while the label indicates specific amounts of vitamin nutrients, users have no assurance in receiving the amount of nutrients stated on the label.

As a primary care specialist, Dr. Vyas said the sugar and the sticky gummy substance can even increase the family’s dental care costs. The citric and sugar ingredients can get stuck in your teeth, especially among children with large gaps in between their teeth. Such conditions can cause cavities or at worst cause caries or tooth decay.

How Oral Health Care in India Inspired and Instigated the Introduction of Generic Meds

In India,work groups in the public dental health sector noted that rural folks and those in underprivileged areas do not visit their local dentist because of the high cost of medicines needed to complete dental treatments.

Affordable replacements in the form of generic meds inspired policy makers to require prescriptions of generic drugs for dental health care. When Prime Minister Modi assumed power in 2014, he supported the movement to make the prescription of generic medicines mandatory for all treatments, regardless of the availability of branded medicines. Actually, Indian consumers will find generic gummy bears available as products offered in India’s PCD franchise system for generic medicines and supplements.